Friday, 22 March 2013


I used to think of Paris as this over-commercialised, over embellished city; void of the culture, depth and intricacy that surrounded it and made France the beautiful country it is.  Une ville uniquement pour des touristes. I couldn't stand the types of people who bought into all the hype and tried to claim Paris as this luxurious, high-class place just because Gossip Girl filmed an episode or two there and so, for the longest time, I couldn't stand the thought of visiting the city. 

But I guess that paradigm was hypocritical, because in maintaining that ideology, I was also choosing to believe that Paris was only limited to what I saw on television, in magazines and in the eyes of other people. It was also ironic, because three weeks ago when I finally decided I needed to experience this city for myself, I loved it. 

I did some touristy things and I did some not so touristy things: L'Arc de Triomphe on the back of a motorbike, La Tour Eiffel via the staircase, the Mona Lisa at le Musée du Lourve, The Persistence of Memory at the Salvador Dali exhibition, ice-skating in the middle of Hôtel de Ville, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and a walk up the famous Champs Elysées. 

The beauty of Paris, de La Tour Eiffel

Funnily, it was the small things that I loved the most...

One of the best street performances I've seen

A bridge full of these little locks 
Gare du Bras de Fer
So there it is, there's more to Paris than expensive fashion, elitism and romantic clichés. It is definitely a stunning city and I see myself making a few more trips there before my year in Europe is up.    

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