Thursday, 17 January 2013

5 degrees and Bordelais Rosé

I've been braving the cold, wind and rain since I arrived. One broken umbrella, two pairs of thermals, several swims through 'the shortcut', a near case of frostbite and a sore throat later, I've decided that if there's one thing I could change about this city right now, it would be the season. 

But the weather isn't the only thing I've been battling. It's only been one week, and I've heard the line, 
We're in Bordeaux for a year  
more times than I've heard Gangnam Style in the last six months. The general consensus seems to be the same, if one is in Bordeaux for a year, one must be plastered every night to enjoy it. But being drunk isn't particularly novel to me, and my days of being a drunken mess every Friday and Saturday night are for the most part, behind me. I'm less excited by the night life than I should be, but there's nothing wrong with that and I wish I wasn't made to feel bad for the fact that on a -2 degree night, I'd rather sit at home, hanging out in my PJs, listening to good music. 

I think my willingness to explore les soirées de Bordeaux will only increase with time, but for now, I'm content with settling in and absorbing the French culture little by little. This is a picture of my first Bordelais rosé!
Yvecourt 2010, 11€

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