Sunday, 3 February 2013


So this is another Sunday I can successfully write off, having just arrived home at 2 in the afternoon on about 4 hours sleep. The French party hard. 

This new lifestyle is something truly novel to me. Back at home, living an hour away from the city was undeniably the bane of my existence. Any night out would have to be carefully orchestrated days in advance: How would we get there? How would we get home? Would anyone be willing to drive? Where could we park? What time will we get home? Does anyone have work the next day? It was always a discussion that left me wondering whether I really wanted to go out, whether all the meticulous organisation was even worth it. Then there was the fact that I lived with my parents, and an empty bed at 3am would neither go unnoticed or unpunished. A night out was a rarity, and even then I was always busy fighting my demons to enjoy it. 

But while I've been struggling with the grand changes of this new life, the most amazing thing about it is the freedom; if I want to go out, I will. There's nothing obstructing my choices, there's no one to answer to and finally, I can take full responsibility for my actions because I made the choices by myself, unhindered by obligations, pressures or judgements. I think this is the type of liberation I was so desperately craving in Sydney and I think it's also a tiny step closer to the independence I needed all of 2012.   

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